13th Junior And 22th Senior European Taekwon-do ITF Championship Poprad - High Tatras 2007


By now the following countries need a visa for entering Slovakia:
  • Belarus,
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  • Republic of Moldova,
  • Russia,
  • Serbia and Motenegro,
  • Ukraine.
Travellers from these countries must contact the Slovak embassy in their country as soon as possible to apply for a visa.

You also must send a list with the names (first name and last name), dates of birth and the dates of issue and expiry of the passports of all those travelling to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible. You must name one person out of your group (giving the telephone - number, the fax number and the email address of this person), who will be at the disposal for further inquiries to the representations abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic is prepare provide cooperation and help with organisation Euros 2007.